Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Tin Can & Pallet re-united

The idea behind these table was outlined in 'Re-Use of materials' (11 March 2010)

Ingredients (2 tables)
2 x 1200 x 800 x 144 mm pine pallet
8 x 300 h x 200 d mm commercial baked beans tin can
1 x 0.25l black egshell paint
2 x found metal net drawers
2 x 2000 x 35 x 35 mm aluminium angle
4 x 1000 x 30 mm aluminium flat

40 x stainless steel rivet
1 x 4000 x 2 d black steel core wire rope
8 x M6 stainless steel eye nut
16 x 2.5 mm aluminium ferrule
16 x 2 mm stainless steel thimble

16 x 19 mm nickel split ring
24 x M6 20 mm black counter sunk socket screws
16 x M6 nuts

120 hours Labour


Cut wood according to sketch drawing
Miter angles accordingly
Check assembly and glue in stages
Machine sand all over
Paint black detail on inside edge

Tin Cans

Wash and dry cans
Remove top and bottom and retain, cut open sides and stretch out.
Tops and bottoms form one surface, sides form another surface.
Cut into 25 mm strips along the ripple of the can
Weave and spot weld at edges to hold
Cut circular discs into squares and spot weld together using offcu
ts beneath

Sandblast to remove coatings and residue
Pollish with abrasive wheel
Spray 3 thin coats of metal protector
Drill alluminium for fixing
Polish alluminium on polishing wheel
Fix surfaces between aluminium angle and aluminium flat using rivets

Hanging metal drawer
Make up wire loops using ferrules and thimbles
Use nickel split rings at all connections

Bring it all together
Fix surfaces within aluminium frame into wooden frame using counter sunk socket screws and nuts
Fix eyenuts to underside of wooden frame using counter sunk socket screws
Hang metal drawer using wire loops and nickel split rings