Sunday, 15 August 2010

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Hourglass Process

8 x 1500 x 55 x 22 mm reclaimed mahogany floorboards
2 x 400 h x 170 d mm 1 gallon demijohn
1 x 700 l x 18 d mm brass rod 1 x 600 l M8 brass threaded rod
8 x M8 brass dome nut
8 x M8 brass nut
8 x M8 brass washer
5 x 2kg table salt bag
1 x 150 x 500 x 1 mm maple veneer
320 hours Labour Recipe


Machine plane wood
Cut wood according to sketch drawing
Miter angles accordingly
Drill holes for pivoting arms
Check assembly and glue in stages

Machine sand all over
Oil all over 5 times with raw linseed oil


Split wood to form 4mm veneer and glue to mdf base
Cut out template for pattern
Cut out pattern and check fitting
Apply maple veneer to edges of pieces Glue half of pattern down against wooden batten and leave to set
Remove batten and glue other half and leave to set

Machine sand with decreasing coarseness of paper until smooth
Add maple veneer frame with appropriate angles for gluing surface

Drill hole 1.5 mm deep to fit centre piece circular maple veneer
Cut 2 circular veneers to fit and glue in place
Sand back by hand for fine finish

Connecting block
Glue mahogany face to face to form solid block to be milled
Drill holes at sides for brass arms to fit with correct centre of rotation
Cut and sand to form circular form
Drill 4 holes for brass thread to pass through
Drill central hole for connecting piece between demijohns
Cut and sand central connecting pieces and glue together checking for tight fit in demijohns
Drill central hole in connecting piece for salt to pass through
Oil all elements 5 times with raw linseed oil

Cut brass rod to dimensions for 4 connecting pieces and arms
Drill brass rod to allow for brass threaded bar to slide through Cut brass threaded bar for connecting between brass rod
Cut brass thread for handle to fix to brass rod
Drill hole half way for handle to fix using tapping drill bit for easy removal of handle
Polish brass with Brasso


Glue mahogany face to face to form solid block to be turned Cut block from each end and insert maple veneer and glue back together

Setup b
lock on lathe Turn to form tactile shape
Sand whilst on lathe Oil whilst on lathe
Remove from lathe keeping flat end to sit upright to be drilled for threaded bar fixing

Clean demijohns using rice and vinegar Wash out and leave to dry thoroughly

Fill one demijohn with salt
Assemble other demijohn on top using connecting block and brass components
Adjust level with tightness of dome nuts and nuts
Glue pivoting arm with handle into connecting block
Lift up assembly onto frame
Pass fixed arm through hole in frame and secure by inserting other side
Attach removable handle by screwing into arm